Left late to get a hike in (need to train for Whitney as well). Beautiful weather. Warm sun, cool breeze. Healthy rattlesnake. Good thought time. Arrive at sunset. Erect small bamboo mast- throw fishing line across gap and pull up a 135′ end fed antenna that does 80m through 10m. Saw some nice shooting stars from the Pleiades shower. Delicious dinner of quinoa/chia/hot sauce/garlic/olive oil/parmesan/olive oil. Contacts made with OR, nCA, NJ, OK, WV, SAC, AK, NC, IN, AZ, WA, WY, TN, FL, AR, MS all on 10W! Was a very noisy night and static crashes from storms as well.
Clear skies- moon came up a mellow half. Fog slowly filled canyons from coast inwards- beautiful in the moonlight. 2am sleep in clouds. Up early to overcast sound of swifts – joyous. Sleep more up to full sun sky. Worked a few more stations on the radio including WW2SUB in OK submarine memorial special event station.
Hike out in inspiring warm sun and cool breeze.