My 1st SOTA activation was 2/20/15 – 1 year ago almost to the day! Beautiful weather and had a great time. The moon was a really pleasant surprise. Lots of nice folks on the radio and the OMISS 40m net was good to me. Basically every station was 57 or above and I heard them all. Log bursting at the seams with 58 and 59 reports incl NY, PA, HI- and my 15 contacts incl AZ, WA, BC, ID, IA, GA, TX, SD, OR= FUN!

Shooting stars and simplex- good times.

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  1. TJ
    TJ says:

    Great photos! How much time does it take to set up and break down your station? What kind of wildlife have you encountered on SOTA activations?

    • says:

      Hey TJ! I think set up and break down takes about 10-15min. I think it could easily be done in 5min if the anchoring was ideal and I did not get caught up in talking on the ht at the same time haha. The antennas, mast, and radio are very quick as those bungee cords with the balls make it very easy to mount antennas and mast. Wildlife I have seen- snakes, skunks, coyote, Mtn lion tacks, beetles, bugs, foxes, Perigrine falcons, swifts, owls, deer, quail, velvet ants, trapdoor spiders, mice, lizards, etc.


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