I was sent an Icom IC-37A by a generous ham in Ohio (N9YLA). I made 2 simple dipoles from metal rod and another from aluminum tv antenna elements. Both were -very- narrow banded and were fed w 75 ohm coax. Finally I used a scrap piece of copper pipe for the main radiating element and tv radials for…. radials! 75 ohm coax still not working well. Antenna was narrow and just not making me happy. Finally I remembered a scrap of 50 ohm coax I had and ran it. After adjusting angle and shortening length of radials I ended up with fantastic results. WIDE banded right where I needed it and flat where I wanted it! (<1.2:1 from 220 to 225MHz and 1:1 at 222MHz- BOOM! The ham band is...... 222 to 225MHz!) 1/3/17 Added SO-239 connector and replaced insulator w PVC.