Various images from /p ops. Since getting an Elecraft KX2 I have operated a LOT /p. I only have 10W to use but it is extremely rewarding. I make most of my antennas and learn a lot this way.  I have been using the KX2 almost daily on hikes and down at the beach. I hang antennas from palm trees or lifeguard stands etc. With 10W I have worked /p to Chile, CT, NY, DE, FL, OK, HI, TX, AK, NM, MN, MA, IA, KS, CO, AZ, OR, ID, NV, MO, NJ, UT, VA, IN, MT, MS, TN, WA, WV, ND, PA, AL, NC, BC and ON Canada, and many places in between. HI and AK on 5W this past weekend from Topanga State Park in the Santa Monica Mtns. I was 15 over 9 once into Salt Lake City UT. I am focused on resonant wire dipoles and mono end fed atm and every install is different. Latest revelation is the effect of wire dipole angles on performance. I hope to make a half size G5RV soon.

Thanksgiving day 2017

warm day- perfect for a hike

Had 2 long QSOs. The first was with 2 guys who said they were in a tee pee in ON Canada and it was 32F. (2100mi) – cool!

They were using an 817 and a 50W amp. We talked for a long time.

I looked them up and really love what they get up to!

The 2nd was with a guy near Tulsa, OK. Just nice long conversations over long distances w 10W and a home made antenna. Love it.