With 10W/p I have worked - WA, LA, PA, NY, FL, MT, WY, TN, OR, UT, KS, MS, TX, OK, NJ, AZ, WV, IN, AK, HI, ND, AL, KY, NC, MO, OH, GA, CHILE!! and had Italy on the line but he could not get my suffix!!

8/21/17 – Put up a 20m inverted V first time in a long while. Tough contact with IL special event station K9I. THEN- a 56/56 contact with CE1OEB in CHILE!! 5000mi to northern Chile w a very modest antenna and 10W. Cool.

8/19/17 – Lovely motorcycle ride and hike. A cloud of swifts. Beautiful sunset. Perfect weather. Made 3 contacts on noisy band filled w contesters. XE2/N7LMV in Mexico 800mi, NV9L in IL 1700mi, and K6BBB in Redding CA 500mi. The trail out had many toads in transit.

8/14/17 Santa Monica- worked MT/m, San Diego, and had nice easy chat w Gilroy, CA, OR, and best of all was 10 over 9 30mi outside of Salt Lake City, UT!! He had S7 local noise no copy at 5W but solid at 10W. Station in OR copied me fine at 5W. With a good antenna, low noise, and 10W you can do some serious shit! 🙂

A nice after-work hike above Oak Park. I made a nice contact w PA w 10W.  Signal reports s33/r55 Yup. Very cool.

A few ops at Venice/Santa Monica border

Some random/small outings. Taking radios and setting up antennas while hiking, biking, camping, etc.