Wed 12/2/15 – Left a job site and decided to try CT-225 instead of sitting in traffic. I tried to access from south side by parking in tennis court/golf parking but did not locate any trail. A fellow ham who lives in the area directed me to a route to access from north side. This worked but was in a quiet neighborhood with a private security guard parked on the road up. I did not want to get hassled. As I approached the trail and heard cars approaching I thought for sure it was security but was not. Hiked up steep dry grade in dark and got panoramic view soon. Little did I know how disoriented I was as I hiked a ways then realized I was headed to the wrong peak. Corrected and went under some very high voltage power lines that were making a noise akin to wind. Thought I saw red/blue lights back towards where I parked and was worried my car was getting towed. I let it go- nothing I could do now anyway. As I crested another ridge I was expecting to see the San Fernando valley but saw the Los Angeles basin- I was so disoriented indeed!! End of the road made a couple of contacts. Decided to head back and accept I would not get the peak but would check on car. Looked and still saw blinking red/blue lights. Got close enough to see car and it was fine. Hiked back again towards Flint but went up other side- found a weak trail and made it to fence enclosing the radio site at top. Great view. Made some more contacts on 2m using my Motorola MT2000 handheld. As always learned some things and had a positive experience.